Susan Cohen Thompson
In this youtube video Susan talks about her inspiration.

Susan Cohen Thompson's art is deeply inspired by her relationship with earth and a spiritual kinship with trees.  She is originally from Queens, New York where both her nature and art education came primarily from visiting museums in New York City.

Thompson left New York for a rural college experience in Ohio where she earned a BFA.  From there, she moved to Massachusetts and continued studying art in various museum schools.  She has been self employed since 1980 and works full time as an artist.

Her passion for connecting with nature took her on two journeys into the Amazon Rain Forest in Ecuador. There she learned from indigenous shaman to connect with the earth.  This profound experience continues to inform all of Susan's art.

In 2003 she moved to the Northwest where she lives in an island north of Seattle. Her studio faces a forest, the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.

"I have been painting about nature since my childhood.  My paintings are not so much about how things look on the outside, but about how things feel to me. My art is an expression of my relationships with nature from an interior perspective. I see everything is interconnected and numinous."

Susan Cohen Thompson, 2013 photo by Kathy Hastings
Entering the hallway to Susan's studio

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