I am working on creating an art exhibition on Camano Island at Matzke Fine Art Gallery.  We have titled the show Camano Honors Earth.  This is a work in process. The question to you is... What does it mean to you to honor earth?


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I love this piece, it truly reminds me of the park and woods here. Camano Honors Earth will be a very exciting show, several artist have agreed to do some outside installations in the sculpture park that will be environmentally thought provoking ! I am looking forward to your paintings for the show. Karla
-- Matzke Fine Art, 11/19/09

Hi, Susan. As you know I'm neither artistic nor religious, but for me honoring the earth is about the wonderful, spiritual lift I get when I'm in a beautiful landscape - a grand one such as by the sea, in the mountains, in a forest , or in an intimate place where nature is all around me. There I realise just how precious our world is and how lucky I am to spend a short time here.
-- Alan Boyland, 11/19/09

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