This is a photo I took of letters I made from grape vines tied together with blackberry bramble vine. Honoring Earth is always on my mind.  It shows up in my art a great deal of the time as a theme. It is my spiritual practice and the attitude I aspire towards, sometimes more difficult to practice than other times.  I believe it is imperative.


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Susan Cohen ThompsonI was hoping this honor earth piece would go public so I will be delighted to have it in the exhibition at Matzke Fine Art next year. Right now, the piece is in our house. It is 15 feet long and 3 feet high. Needless to say, we see it every day and it is a mantra of ours.
-- Susan Cohen Thompson, 12/7/09

I like this, is it for the show in here ? I hope so, it would be a nice addition !
-- Karla Matzke, 12/6/09

Susan Cohen ThompsonYes, I made the letters from Grapevines tied together with thin blackberry bramble vines from my yard.
-- Susan Cohen Thompson, 11/27/09

Susan, I LOVE this. Did you sculpture this message?
-- Anonymous, 11/27/09

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