To paint or to blog, that is the question.


I am always so serious!  Every painting and every word must have purpose and meaning. I was reading ODE magazine yesterday - "Ode to Laughter" edition - and I am struck that being serious is a cultural attitude. I have long been thinking that if one has but a moment to communicate, it should be filled with importance.


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Susan has two paintings showing at Matzke Fine Art Gallery, Opening March 6th, 11:00 to 8:00, Artist reception starts at 4:00.
-- Karla Matzke, 3/4/10

Susan Cohen ThompsonSo, it seems there needs to be balance!
-- Susan Cohen Thompson, 2/17/10

no doubt, art is a serious matter, and pure decorative pieces must be sold through the furniture stores. it's when artist starts taking himself/herself too seriously, then it becomes tragic, borderline pathetic.
-- Lyussy Hyder, 2/17/10

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