Glaze Test Forest


Ceramic Test Tiles - still greenware
Now that I am firing my own ceramics, I now have 18 new glazes that I need to test. I needed a shape. Something reasonably fast to make that stands upright. I wanted something beautiful. I decided on my favorite cookie cutter. I am very excited to have created the beginnings of a glaze test forest. In this photo, the clay is still drying. Once the trees are dry, I will bisque fire then glaze each tree with one new color.


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What good is art?


I am looking to probe into questions that will deepen the artistic experience. Why do you make art? What compels you to own a piece of art? How does art make you feel? What does art do for you?

I am interested in stimulating some dialogue on this subject to see where it goes.


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-- Susan Cohen Thompson, 1/2/12

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