Hand Built Blue Plates


Blue Plates
Hand built from clay slabs, my new blue plates are the result of last week's slab built tableware workshop with Vince Pitelka. The blue is colored slip. The pieces have not been fired yet. I plan to post them again after they are glazed.


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Today in the studio.


Hand Pressed Ceramic tiles.
I'm waiting for the clay tiles to dry so I can fire them. I can't rush them because I don't want them to warp.This is the first time I have made multiple tiles with the same image in any quantity. Many of the tiles are hand worked, so there will be variations. The original pattern is carved and the clay is pressed into the carving.


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Ceramic Tiles, a new approach


Hummingbirds with Madrona
This handmade ceramic tile with hummingbird and tree motif is a combination of a pressed design embellished and surrounded by unique hand carving. The 4"x4" center of the piece was made by carving into a rubbery lino block like sheet called "Safety Cut" with Speedball carving tools. This tile is a unique variation. I will post a few other variations soon. I am making a series of the 4"x4" tiles for the Artisan Tile Northwest Handmade Tile Show at the Center for Urban Horticulture in Seattle October 5th & 6th.


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