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A Grammar Sketch of Shuar
My painting, "Emerging from the Jungle" is the cover art of George Saad's thesis on Shuar grammar. Shuar is the language of indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. The painting was inspired by my visit into their territory. George found me via the internet.
Here is George's comment....
"The front cover, thanks to your painting has made it (the thesis) very enticing for readers and I'm incredibly grateful you helped me out!"


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ATNW Award for Susan Cohen Thompson Raku Tile


Iridescent Bird Nourished by Full Moon
I won an award for my raku tile at the ATNW Handmade Tile Festival in Seattle.

Artisan Tile NW advocates artistic excellence, innovation and awareness of handmade tile. The prize goes to the artist whose tile, in the opinion of the juror, displays excellent ceramic skills and an innovative approach to the theme “Feathered Friends”. Winning Tile by Susan Cohen Thompson

JUROR:   Dee Carson, Executive Director of Northwest Art Alliance


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