Tall Ship on Saratoga Passage

These are photographs of Camano Island taken from the Thompson studio and house by Susan and her husband Clay. Camano Island is a great place to visit. There are views in every direction.

This is a tall ship that was on its way to Cama Beach for a special occasion. Many ships can be seen along the Saratoga Passage. Usually there are small boats and tugs.

Sailboat on Saratoga Passage
Sailboat along the Saratoga Passage. In the background, you can see Whidbey Island and beyond Whidbey, the Olympic Mountains.

Sunlight Through the Trees
This photograph was taken from Susan's studio deck in the early morning. It is the Camano Island State Park.

This is another view from the studio deck. It was an amazing morning.

Susan Cohen Thompson with Future Old Growth Tree

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