Illuminations Illuminations
Lunar Haiku

I am drawn to moon
it pulls my watery self
like it pulls the tide

Tree Paintings Tree Paintings
Tree Haiku

Incredible Trees
Providing Air and Water
Hold Earth with Their Roots

Skagit Valley & Puget Sound Skagit Valley & Puget Sound
Farmland Haiku

Flatness of Valley
Inside Bowl of Salish Sea
Drifting Together

Bird Paintings Bird Paintings
Bird Haiku

Fully Connected
Birds and Trees are One Being
Dreaming Flight and Nest

Human Nature Human Nature
Human Nature Haiku

See with Nature's Eyes
Earth is a Sentient Being
Consciousness Unfolds

Flower Paintings Flower Paintings
Flower Haiku

How Lucky We Are
That the Earth Has Made Flowers
Bringing Us To Life

Deep in the Amazon Deep in the Amazon
Amazon Forest Haiku

Breathing in Rich Air
I Deepen My Earth Dreaming
Now I Speak with Trees

Global Peace Series Global Peace Series
Peace Haiku

Meditations In
Electromagnetic Field
Imagining Peace

Creativity propels the universe.

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